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KeepTool v9.1.2.4
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The KeepTool 8 ancestors gathers calm three Oracle abundance tools, anniversary acclamation a specific purpose and attainable separately. But anniversary of the three articles - Hora, ER Diagrammer und PL/SQL Debugger - is additionally advised to assignment with the added two, and shares a accepted architecture philosophy. Our ambition is to accomplish our articles attainable and automatic to use. KeepTool 8 is adapted abounding times anniversary year to enhance its absolute functionality and to absorb fresh appearance of the Oracle database.
Hora is KeepTool's flagship artefact for examination and manipulating Oracle databases, and accommodates a array of users. Primarily advised for both DBA's and developers, it can additionally advice end users concern abstracts and accomplish simple reports. Thanks to its automatic interface and the adeptness to examination SQL afore execution, Hora does not crave that you apprehend the chiral afore application it.
Its acquisitive aeronautics arrangement takes you to any database action aural a few clicks.
Hora is compact. Everything you charge to assignment with the database is in a distinct tool. Start-up time and ability acceptance are minimal.
HoraLight, which follows the architecture and account attempt of the abounding adaptation of Hora, makes examination and modifying tables, and bearing simple or circuitous queries, article that end users can do for themselves with ease.
ER Diagrammer
KeepTool's Entity Relationship Diagrammer shows the tables and their relationships to anniversary added systematically, according to the IDEF1X standard. ER Diagrammer can actualize an entity-relationship diagram from an absolute database. Optionally, for a circuitous database, ER Diagrammer can accomplish diagrams for specific portions that you can select. Usually, the aftereffect will account the tables in a address that shows relationships with all ancestor tables to the left. If you prefer, you can adapt the tables differently, and the connectors will chase along. The angel can again be adored in a book for approaching display.
You can additionally use ER Diagrammer in affiliation with Hora, the ancestor of the KeepTool 8 family, to accomplish a abstracts archetypal for a fresh database. Simply use Hora to ascertain tables—adding, bottomward and renaming columns area necessary; again use ER Diagrammer to actualize a clear appearance of your abstracts model.
PL/SQL Debugger
KeepTool 8's PL/SQL Debugger gives you, the PL/SQL developer, all you charge to analysis and alter code. You can set breakpoints and ascertain watches for variables. Breakpoint curve are color-coded and can be removed or displace at will. In accession to the antecedent display, there are abstracted windows that affectation watched variables, breakpoints and the alarm stack.
PL/SQL Debugger has been advised with the aforementioned accent on account as Hora. This ensures that both accoutrement are carefully integrated. Application Hora and the Debugger together, you will be on your way to creating to creating able PL/SQL code.
Version 9.0.1
since 18-Jan-2010 UniCode abutment (UTF-16)
New clarify row in abstracts contents, SQL concern aftereffect set, Overview grids and affix chat filigree allows fast filtering.
New Diagram Appearance folio for Abstracts Capacity and SQL Aftereffect allows you to appearance altered blueprint angle of your data.
New Timberline Appearance folio for Abstracts Capacity and SQL Aftereffect allows you to appearance hierarchical abstracts as timberline view
Connect chat remembers OCI.DLL for anniversary server and connection.
Reverse/DDL allows you to baddest the action to actuality about-face engineered.
Checkbox on DB article browser (editor component) to change amid alphabetic and analytic cavalcade order. Table or cavalcade animadversion for called bulge is apparent in a fresh argument box beneath the timberline view
Users folio shows a checkbox cavalcade that unveils DBA privilege. Users with DBA advantage are listed in red font, bound user ***s in gray.
New Oracle 11g accompanying advice on Users page:
Default countersign (such as tiger for scott) according to dba_users_with_defpwd concordance appearance Checkbox for SYS_ASM login advantage Countersign versions shows aegis rules for database users that accept been migrated from 10g to 11g
New Oracle 10g and 11g accompanying advice on Tablespace page:
Checkbox for Absence table compression
Undo tablespace assimilation Checkbox "Big file"
Predicate Evaluation (Host/Storage)
Checkbox "Encrypted"
Compress for (by absence for what affectionate of operations)
For Oracle 11g database the triggers account on the tables folio shows a fresh detail filigree with battlefront adjustment definitions.
You can now tab-switch amid affair and arrangement ambit on the Database-Parameters page. The ambience chat to change ambit shows accurate ambit in a admixture box from v$parameter_valid_values as far as it is attainable apropos database adaptation and privileges.
Support for apprehend alone constraints on angle added.
Show DDL command for behavior on action page
PLSQL blazon annex appearance agnate to PLSQL package/procedure annex sheet
Error letters from acceptation astrologer chat are dumped to dbms_output window. This allows an absolute cardinal of errors to be read
Show DDL and Drop Role ambience card operations are now attainable to a alternative of assorted filigree rows.
Tablespaces | Segements folio shows pie diagram appearance of tablespace appliance by user.
Performance|Disk I/O appearance now includes tempfiles.
Connect chat shows fresh custom class for alignment by such as server location, activity name, etc.
Schema | Disabled Constraints folio renamed to Not Accurate Constraints. It shows both disabled and not accurate constraints. A fresh cavalcade Enabled allows you to clarify either of them.
New folio Action | Dependencies shows relations with and dependencies from added schemes.
The HTML affidavit architect now makes use of a modal affix dialog.


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