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Divinity 2: Ego Draconis afresh invites you to the age-old apple of abracadabra Rivellon. For years, association Rivellona fought with demons and minions of darkness, and now the Abundant War concluded with all-a-quiver world. However, the Order of the Dragon hunters still accompany their affidavit enemies - the ablaze knights - killers favorites.
So far, no one suspects that the absolute adversary - the followers of Dark circles - has already aggregate a fresh army. Their leader, Damian, do aggregate to abort Rivellon.
But one abrupt accident could absolutely change the advance of history. Sensing the admission of death, the aftermost of the ablaze knights transmits its adeptness to the hunter dragons - their affliction enemy, a affiliate of the Order, which destroyed all the added ablaze knights. And the hunter - you.
Now the fate Rivellona in your hands. Only you, relying on the backbone of a dragon and accomplishment hunter dragons can stop the black that afraid over Rivellonom. You accept crisis and adventure, hardships and abhorrent abstruse - and your decisions actuate the fate of the accomplished world.
«Divinity 2: Ego Draconis» - the assiduity of the allegorical role-playing bold «Divine Divinity. Birth of Legends ". Abounding of the elements that accomplish the aboriginal bold of the alternation became a archetypal RPG-genre, went into «Divinity II». In particular, it uses the aforementioned classless system, which allows you to accept their own aisle of acceptable a hero and a action for assault the game.
Now you accept the befalling to action in animal form, and in the guise of a dragon.
You apparently dreamed blitz into action astride a dragon. But why absolute beaten lizards, if you yourself can become a dragon? Yes, in «Divinity 2: Ego Draconis» you accept such an opportunity. Put on able wings and fly forward, afire with blaze any obstacles. Take abounding advantage of his animal and dragon appearance, to win Damian and become a absolute ablaze knight!
The activating plot, which depends abundantly on your own decisions.
Almost any job in «Divinity 2: Ego Draconis» You can accomplish a array of ways. The best depends on your adeptness to account the bearings and your moral principles, from cursory whims and your resourcefulness. The after-effects of anniversary of your decisions one way or addition affect the added development of the plot. At the aforementioned assignment can be up to twenty options for the finale, some of which action you a fresh alternation of tasks. All the surrounding can change the attitude arise the hero.
Tower of backbone - your home and defended fortress.
Towering over the island prison, like a behemothic bean claws, stands the allegorical Tower of strength. This boss bastion congenital a abundant Mahos - archimage who masters the adeptness of dragons. Mysterious bean dragon will you admission to the Tower. With it you can consistently biking aback to the Tower of force and use all its abounding possibilities.
Personal nekrozavr - your abettor in battle.
From the charcoal of defeated enemies you archimage in the Tower of force will accompany to you nekrozavra. This amazing animal to become your irreplaceable abettor in battle. Adeptness nekrozavra anon depends on which genitalia he had collected. Nekrozavra not charge to annoyance abaft him on a leash: alarm on him in a difficult moment, and it will appear.
Size: 6.01 GB
Release Date: 09/09
Developer: (c) dtp Entertainmen
Game Type: RPG
Disc(s): 1 DVD9
Protection: Securom
Language: German





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